Date(s) - 30/08/2020
4:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Enjoy a traditional Afro Cubano show and before or afterwards a BBQ ‘a lo cubano’ on this last Sunday in August, in De Nieuwe KHL, Oostelijke Handelskade 44 in Amsterdam. Let’s hope this will be a sunny Sunday, so we can end the Summer of 2020 in style. And if it’s not a sunny day, we will do that anyway.

What is Afro Cubano?

These ritual dances were brought to Cuba by African slaves in the 16th and 17th century. Because it wasn’t allow to practice their own religion, the slaves linked their African gods (orisha’s) to Roman Catholic saints – that’s why the Yoruba religion on Cuba is also called Santería.

In the Afro Cubano dances each orisha is being expressed with his or her specific rhythm of the drums, certain movements, colors and clothes. During this 1 hour show you will get an entertaining introduction into this ‘Dance of the Orisha’s’, that will be performed by professional dancers who will be accompanied by a live percussionist and a narrator.

Expect a diverse BBQ buffet with enough options, both for meatlovers and vegetarians. With of course roasted pork, but also chicken, fish, camarones and vegetables. Luis is currently busy composing the menu, so more info on that will follow soon.

  • Prices:  € 79 for 2 persons for the BBQ ánd the show (that is € 39,50 per person). If you would like to be placed on a table with more than 2 people, please let us know.
  • Location: De Nieuwe KHL, Oostelijke Handelskade 44, 1019 BN Amsterdam
  • Tickets: https://denieuwekhl.stager.nl/web/tickets
  • Important:  There will be 2 shows: 1 matinee at 16h30 and 1 evening show at 20h30. The joined Cuban BBQ will be served from 18h00 – till 20h00.
– Select option ‘Comida con Salsa 30/8 16.30‘ if you want to see the matinee show or click here
– Select option ‘Comida con Salsa 30/8 18.00‘ if you want to see the evening show or click here
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